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Business Model

Below you will find what is the anticipated business model for The MEDT


The MEDT is a fully modular diagnostic tool. It's primary use is to be able to switch from module to module in any location. Each module represents a different tool such as a multimeter or infrared camera to more advanced tools such as an oscilloscope. Each one allows for the device to be a simple fully functioning handheld version of the modules tool.

Customer Challenges

  • Most diagnosing tools are extremely expensive

  • Advanced tools are too difficult to understand, with no middle ground options for consumers

  • These tools make these jobs and hobby's discouraging

Pricing Ideas

  • The device along with two basic modules and one advance will cost $79.99

  • Based off basic or advance module, the module will cost anywhere from $14.99 to $24.99

  • These are subject to change as actual pricing with large quantity orders could increase or decrease price

Key Objectives

  • Fully develop the prototype into a complete version

  • Use smaller more powerful components with a larger viewing area

  • Advance the idea to be able to connect to an app or your computer

  • Create cheap simple plug in devices for each module

Our Solution

The design around The MEDT is all about simplicity and pricing. The layout of the device allows for an easy understanding, and the components used in the creation allow for cheaper yet still functioning tools

Our Message

The MEDT is going to be the leading market in electronic diagnostic tools one day. Our goal

is to allow for anyone to get into this field, and make it a smoother and easier transition, so that although there may be the advanced individual tools, you will always be able to rely

on The MEDT being by your side.

Target Customers

  • Most engineers alike (mechatronic, electrical, etc)

  • Electronic hobbyists

  • Electronic diagnosis technicians

  • Electronic device fixers

Our Values

The MEDT is based around allowing other new to electronic hobbyists and engineers have a simple and affordable solution to getting into the game. We at MEDT know the struggle and wanted to alleviate the stress and allow and easier entry point for other starters.

Marketing Strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Personal website which will have links for  buying devices

  • Possibility for in store purchasing/other online stores (ex. Amazon)

Investment Idea

  • $15, 000 for all printing requirement needs

  • $10, 000 for ads and website development

  • $20, 000 for operating and initial development fees

  • Theoretical values that would be required in order to start manufacturing and selling this product

Opportunity for Growth

  • More and more modules can be added as our knowledge grows

  • Room for an app or program to be developed alongside The MEDT

  • Possibility to branch into standalone cheap devices based off the modules

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