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About me...

Hi! My name is Luciano, but I go by Lucci (Loo-chee) for short. I am currently a 20 year Mechatronics engineering student at Ontario Tech University. Throughout high school I had a firm passion in my studies. This allowed me to be recognized while going into university as I was awarded the highest entrance average scholarship into Engineering and Applied science. In addition to my hard work within academics, I do the same while at home. I work every summer in order to be able to fund my education as well as a little fun every once in a while. When I'm not working, or completing my studies I enjoy spending time with my friends as well as playing sports. Although I do not like to admit I'm not very good at many.  My passions do extend beyond sports and school though. In some of my downtime I managed to restore a 1984 ford tempo which I can proudly say is my first car, as well as the continued restoration of 1964 GTO project car. I am the second youngest in my family alongside four siblings and a 4 month old puppy. I am a determined individual and truly plan on bringing The MEDT to life.

The story of how The MEDT came to be

In December of 2021 on Christmas, I was gifted a Raspberry Pi and decide to start on a project to create a functional tablet. Despite initial challenges, I dedicated myself to the task and successfully assembled a fully functional device with a 3D printed case, integrated batteries, a charging system, and a cooling system. In order to optimize the management of my electronic components, I developed a database using Python and a GUI app on the tablet. This experience motivated me for more because of how difficult I found it using all these high tech devices for such a small project. I wanted it to be simpler and I wanted to be able to fully understand all the data I was seeing. This is how I had decided to create a modular device that could include all of the necessary tools used to build any project of any size. After encountering some obstacles in my research because of the fact that this was a first of it's kind, I suspended the idea until an engineering competition at Ontario Tech presented itself as the push I needed to finally follow through with the project. With determination , I eventually completed the prototype after two months of intense work. The device is still in the developmental stages, with several revisions and new ideas to be implemented before it is ready for the commercial market.

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