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The simple and affordable way to diagnose all your circuit needs


About The MEDT

A new Engineering future

As a one of a kind development in the world of engineering, the MEDT is here to provide. MEDT

stands for; Modular electronic diagnostic tool and is pronounced The MET. With ever developing technology, it has become almost impossible to start using the newest 

in diagnosis tools for engineers. The plan for MEDT originally started as a dream to create

my own personal use device that could be used for any diagnosing problem I could think of.

It has become bigger than that and so much more than that now.

The MEDT will one day be a powerful handheld simple to use device for anyone in the field

from someone starting out to a professional. I know the feeling of being absolutely lost and overwhelmed looking at something like a new oscilloscope and my goal is to make sure it's accessible to everyone. Whether the MEDT has multiple variances 

or whether the one tool will continue to develop as a solo device is one question, but overall

The MEDT is here to bring an affordable and easy to use multi diagnostic tool to the fingertips

of anyone who comes in touch with it!

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